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Summary of results

Your report starts with a summary of your sites speed, revenue and SEO expected improvements.

Page Load Time
Needs Improvement
This should be under 2.5 seconds. You can achieve this through the recommendations we list below.
Revenue Impact
7 - 11% Impact
Research shows if you improved site speed by 44%, you could increase your revenue by an average of 9%.
SEO Impact
20 - 26% Impact
Google ranks faster sites higher. Research shows you could get 23% more traffic by improving site speed.

Page Load Time

The next section of your report gives an overview of your page load times, as experienced by real Google Chrome users.

Key metrics

Page Load Time
Your current page load time, as experienced by real Google Chrome users.
Target Load Time
For the optimal revenue and SEO boost, aim for this, or faster.
Slow Sessions
The percentage of users that experience a slow page load time.

The importance of a fast page load time

You should aim for page load time to be 2.5 seconds or faster for the following reasons:

1. User Experience

Research shows 2.5s is the upper limit of what people consider acceptable.

2. Search Engine Ranking

Google takes site speed into account when ranking your site. They consider 2.5s or faster to be a good page load time.

3. Revenue Impact

The faster your site, the higher your conversion rate. You will see an even further improvement as you speed your site up faster than 2.5s.

Revenue Impact

This section shows you how much revenue you may be losing because of slow page loads.

Research shows a 56% improvement (5.00s2.20s) would result in...

Increased Revenue
7 - 13%
Better Conversion Rate
5 - 17%
More SEO Traffic
28 - 36%

Adjust Improvement

Use the slider below to see how different improvements would affect your revenue.

Estimated site speed range
after installing Fudge
Current Speed
Optimized Speed: 2.20s
2.80s / 56% faster

Custom suggestions

Your report also includes custom suggestions made by one of our site speed experts.

These custom suggestions are actionable steps that you can take that will have the largest impact on your site speed. These suggestions are based on the improvements that the fudge system makes from industry best practises.