Stix improved mobile & web LCP by over 50%

Learn how Fudge improved Stix' performance metrics to boost SEO rankings and conversions.

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Poor overall site speed


Stix faced a daunting challenge with its online presence. Despite having a rich array of over 70 third-party apps and a commitment to high-quality imagery, their website was lagging behind in Core Web Vital Performance metrics. This shortfall in site speed, in comparison to their competitors, led to a significant drop in SEO traffic and, consequently, conversions and revenue. To address these issues and enhance their customer's experience, Stix initiated a trial with Fudge.

AB Test to prove ROI

Enter Fudge

Embarking on a journey of digital transformation, Stix and Fudge collaborated in an A/B test, deploying Fudge to 50% of Stix's users. This two-week experiment was a deep dive into the potential of Fudge's capabilities. The focus was on caching, preloading images, and inlining critical CSS – strategies pinpointed for their impactful role in user experience enhancement. Stix maintained full control over the deployment, ready to extend the benefits of Fudge to all their users once satisfied with the results.

Ongoing Value


Stix not only passed all Core Web Vitals as per Google's standards but also witnessed a remarkable 23% increase in organic SEO traffic and an 8.82% uplift in conversions. The adaptability of the Fudge system, which improves with accumulating data, meant that the more the site was used, the faster and more efficient it became. The Fudge system gets better as more data is collected. As more users use the site, more optimization techniques to make the Stix site even faster are added. Stix also uses Fudge to monitor how changes they make to their site affect performance, from monitoring metrics, to keeping track of third parties.


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Which pricing plan is right for me?

We recommend selecting a pricing plan based on your site's traffic. User sessions < 100k = Pro, 100k < user sessions < 500k = Business, >500k user sessions = Enterprise.

Do you include a trial?

Yes, all plans include a 14-day free trial.

Does Fudge work on all sites?

Yes, Fudge works with any technology stack.

How long does it take to get setup?

It takes less than 5 minutes. You only need to make a DNS change and we take care of the rest.

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