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Stix knew that their customers expected a fast and seamless experience, but they didn't know how to improve their site speed. Fudge's speed optimization platform helped them achieve a 52% improvement in desktop LCP and 58% improvement in mobile LCP. After a successful trial, Stix decided to sign up for Fudge's annual plan to keep their site speed and conversion rate high.
Fudge's software has significantly improved our overall site speed by several seconds, but their commitment to account management is the best I've ever experienced. Their dashboards are clear and it's exciting to directly correlate site speed and CVR — something I haven't been able to achieve with another platform. The Fudge team constantly makes improvements to their software and educates their clients on changes. I absolutely recommend using this app!
- Savannah de Montesquiou
(Director of Product)
Stix with and without Fudge on a mobile device.
Collection Page
LCP is 1.00s faster / 25.64% faster
With Fudge
Without Fudge

Key takeaways from real user data

Desktop LCP
1.8s (52%) faster
Mobile LCP
3s (58%) faster
Core Web Vitals
Failed -> Passed
More SEO traffic
21% more SEO traffic after Fudge speed improvements
Stix's journey with Fudge
A look at how Fudge helped Stix improve their website performance

Before using Fudge

Before using Fudge, Stix's Performance score wasn't near where they needed it to be.
A slow site was costing Stix in poor SEO traffic relative to their competitors as well as giving their existing customers a sub-optimal experience on the site.
Stix also knew that a poorly performing site was costing them conversions and revenue.
Stix began a trial of Fudge to see how we could help improve their customer's experience.

A/B Test

For most of our customers, we run an A/B test where we roll out Fudge to 50% of their users and measure the difference in performance for the 2 groups.
For Stix, we ran the test for 2 weeks and then compared the results.
During the test, anyone from the Stix team could log into the Fudge dashboard and see how their site how improving with Fudge over time.
They could control the rollout themselves, choosing to roll out to 100% of their users once they had confirmed that the results met their high expectations.

Optimization techniques

After the Fudge system analyzed the site, it performed a number of optimization techniques that increased the performance of the Stix site.
For Stix, moving to the Fudge Global Acceleration Network brought the site closer to their customers, reducing the time it takes for the site to load.
Fudge also determined the most important images on each type of page and made sure they were loaded first, improving the perceived performance of the site.
Fudge intelligently and safely deferred loading of non-critical scripts, and made sure the most important scripts loaded fast.
These are the features that had the biggest impact to the improvement in performance. But they're not the only techniques that Fudge uses. To read more about the techniques we use, click here.
All Stix had to do to get these improvements was make some DNS changes. Our support team helped them do it in 10 minutes.

After the experiment

Stix's Performance score increased into the green (according to Google's rating).
This resulted in their organic SEO traffic increasing by 23%.
Their conversions with Fudge increased by 8.82%.
Happy with the results, Stix increased their rollout to 100% and signed on for an annual plan.

Continued value

Fudge improvements don't stop once the experiment ends.
The Fudge system gets better as more data is collected. As more users use the site, the Fudge system learns even more optimization techniques to make the Stix site even faster
In addition to the Fudge system learning, we also add new features and improvements to the Fudge system as time goes on.
As the Stix site changes because they add more features and content, Fudge keeps their site fast.
Stix uses Fudge to monitor how changes they make to their site affect performance, from monitoring metrics, to keeping track of third parties.
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