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Fudge uses cutting-edge tech to keep your site fast. Never worry about slow page loads again.
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We run an A/B test to measure Fudge's impact on site speed and conversion rate.
Our powerful reporting and alerts lets you keep an eye on your site speed.
Built-in, automatic A/B testing
Advanced segmentation
Performance alerts
Real-time metrics
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Works with any tech stack
Fudge requires no code to get started and takes minutes to set up.
Getting started is easy
Set up in 15 minutes, see results in 72 hours
You don't need to be a developer to get set up.
We instantly start collecting performance and conversion metrics, which you will see within 72 hours of setup.
Takes minutes to set up
No code changes required
Completely automated improvements
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Roll out Fudge to a segment of your users. See how much Fudge improves speed and CVR.
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Once you’re happy with the results, roll Fudge out to 100% of your users.
What our happy customers have to say
Fudge's software has significantly improved our overall site speed by several seconds, but their commitment to account management is the best I've ever experienced.
Their dashboards are clear and it's exciting to directly correlate site speed and CVR — something I haven't been able to achieve with another platform.
The Fudge team constantly makes improvements to their software and educates their clients on changes. I absolutely recommend using this app!
Product Lead at Stix
My LCP is between 41% and 51% faster than before on different pages! I’m very satisfied and I had to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for that.
Founder at Old Soulz Gifts
The Fudge team has been incredible from a technical and support perspective with Simeon scheduling Zoom calls to explain and help me set things up correctly. Highly recommended.
Founder at Pawcasso
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