Monitor and understand site speed
We measure the real performance of your site as experienced by your actual customers. Giving you peace of mind that your site is performing optimally.
Quantify your ROI in Fudge in real revenue terms.
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Your Fudge Dashboard
Your dashboard contains everything you need to monitor your site's performance.
Correlate your performance with your conversion rate to make sure you're converting as many visitors as possible.
On average, our customersā€¦
Get set up within 48-72 hours
See a 35-60% improvement in FCP and LCP
Receive a 15-20x return on investment
Monitoring features
Some of the monitoring features you'll have access to in Fudge.

Core web vitals

Monitor your Core Web Vitals and Performance score over time.
Set alerts and get notified when your site's vitals drop below an acceptable threshold.
Monitor how updates to your site affect your vitals and performance score.
See how your different pages load across devices.

A/B Test

Quantify the value of Fudge.
Control the rollout of Fudge to your users and watch your performance metrics and conversions increase.
Get insight into the revenue gain from Fudge over time.
Monitor your page speed scores with and without Fudge.
See your share of users who experience good performance over poor performance increase.
Without Fudge
With Fudge šŸ”„

Customer View

View your site with and without Fudge through your customer's eyes.
Compare page load times and metrics when Fudge is enabled and when it's not.
Watch synthetic tests across your pages with and without Fudge.

Third party script audit

Audit third party scripts running on your site.
Quantify the impact of third party scripts on your site.
Experiment with removing third party scripts to see how it affects your site.
Safely test your site before removing third parties.

World View

Monitor your users experience from across the world and prioritize updates accordingly.
View Analytics showing where your customers are browsing from.
View Performance by country and device
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